99 Point
Website Audit

What if the success of your website could be improved with a few tweaks?

Website Errors

You can't fix what you don't know what is broken.

You never know how many customers and sales you may have missed due to common website errors

Common errors that might be affecting your website

Looking for a Gold Coast web design company

Does your site have problems
that you have no idea about?

99 Point Audit

find out if there are any areas of your website that can be improved to help you boost the success of your website.
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  • Comprehensive 99 Point Audit

99 Point Audit

Imagine our 99 point website audit like someone putting your website under a giant microscope and finding the weak areas of your website.   

We will manually and throughly go through your website and check it against our 99 point audit grading system. 

We won’t just tell you what needs improvement, we will also offer you some tips and solutions to fix any issues.

What we audit

Our website audits are broken down into three main areas. Imagine each area as a domino. If one domino falls the other two dominos will also tumble.

Think of it this way. The SEO brings the traffic, the usability and performance is what makes the users stick.


Usability is often an overlooked component of website design. We check your website to make sure it's not confusing for your website visitors to navigate and we make sure that they can easily find the information that they are looking for with a clear and concise call to action.


It doesn't matter how slick your website looks on the outside, if your website is lacking the proper SEO foundations and setup your website's traffic reach will be affected. We let you know if your website has any SEO issues that you need to address.


The performance of your website is like the mechanics of a car, if it is not running smoothly your website will suffer and your website's visitors will be turned off and leave. We check to make sure that your website has been set up for optimal performance.