The single one thing that has the biggest effect on your website speed

Nobody likes a sluggish website. Not the website user or the website owner.  Did you know that Google takes website speed into it’s ranking factors? That means that a slow loading website could very well be pushed lower in Google’s search results.

There are many WordPress plugins that can help speed up your websites performance but they can only do so much if your foundations are inferior. The foundations of your wordpress website is your website hosting.

Think of your website hosting as land and your website as your house. Just like with any house location is everything and the location of your website hosting make a dramatic effect on your speed.

Website hosting companies host your websites in their data centres. The location of your data centre and location of your website user affects your site speed. The shorter the distance your website has to travel the faster the website will load.    Some webhosts have data centres all around the world for customer convenience. Just make sure that you pick the correct data centre on sign up.

Real-life case study

We had a customer recently whose website had all the usual plugins recommended to speed up a website. All images were optimised and resized to fit the wordpress theme. Despite tackling all the usual suspects  the website was still loading at a miserable 15 seconds.

We reviewed their website and found that their website host was not the best for their needs. Firstly, their data centre was located in Texas when this business’s customers were accessing the website from Brisbane. This was created extra loading time.

We migrated their site to a website hosting company that had a data centre in Oceania, Singapore to be exact.  With that simple change their website went from a cringeworthy 15 seconds to 3.7 seconds. With a few minor speed tweaking tricks up our sleeves we brought the speed to 2.3 seconds. Not bad for an ecommerce site with hundreds of products.

What if I want my website to be fast globally

In addition to choosing a website host in the same continent as you, you can also sign your website up for  a content delivery network. A content delivery network is a global network of servers that host a cached (copied) version of your website. This means that if your website is hosted in Singapore and someone visits your website in Chicago, they will access your website from a server closer to theme rather than all the way in Australia.

Which hosting provider do we recommend?

We recommend SiteGround for website hosting as it is one we can vouch for personally.  For our own clients, we have in-house hosting available at a reduced rate.