Back in Business

Most places are beginning to ease restrictions put in place by Covid-19. Schools have reopened and most businesses have resumed operation in some capacity. However, just because restrictions have eased does not mean that we can afford to become complacent. It’s easy to forget that we are still in a pandemic and let a few things slide.

Workplaces need to ensure that hygiene is being followed. This is especially true in any business that deals with customers such as restaurants, cafes and retail outlets. The single most effective thing and one of us can do is make sure that we are sticking to our hand washing habits.

To help achieve this we have released a few free printables in relation to Covid-19 and safety measures.  All you need to do is download and print them out. We recommend putting them in common workplace areas such as the lunchroom, bathrooms and lockers room.

Handwashing 101

Keep Our Workplace Safe!

When you hit the download pdf file the printable will open up in a new browser window. Hit save or print.